Brighton Marathon

Friday, 4 April 2014

To all of you out there crazy enough to run 26.2 miles in Brighton, Good luck for the weekend. It is going to be wet and wild.

I’ve looked at every forecast available over the last few days and ¬†they are now all saying the same thing – Heavy rain and 16-26mph winds! Having just nurtured my calf back into activity I had given up on a respectable time and I am sure the runners will be fine, but I hope the supporters will still come out to cheer. Now the challenge is what to wear without out getting soaked and frozen, but trying to avoid the sweating in a jacket. The photo is what I will probably be dressed in (pictured with my eldest daughter who will be running for the third time in the mini mile race in Preston Park -not in her Zebra onesie).


You can watch my progress on the Brighton Marathon App – just put in my number 17474.

This year I will be running for Alopecia UK. They are a relatively small charity who do great work for patients with hair loss. They are also sponsoring a UK wide research prioritisation process to get clinical hair research moving forward. Any donations will go to a great cause.

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