New General Skin Patient  Face to Face £200
Follow up (for original problem) F2F £140
Virtual Video New Consultation £200
Virtual Video Follow up Consultation £140
New Specialist Hair Loss/Scalp £275
Follow up Hair loss £150
Video Hair Loss New Patient £275
Video Hair Loss Follow Up £150
New Skin Cancer & Mole Mapping* £240
Follow up Skin Cancer & Mole Mapping £140
Acne Isotretinoin Virtual Follow up £100
Video Trichogram £200

*Mole Mapping refers to Examination with videodermoscopy with the Fotofinder Medicam which tracks moles at up to 100x magnification over time at different body sites and is a unique and separate service from “Mole screening” offered elsewhere. This is consultant led.

Due to the complexity of hair loss, we allow a longer appointment time for consultations and charge a higher fee, which may or may not be recognised by your insurance company. Not all companies will cover hair loss and may only cover an appointment and investigation up to the point of a diagnosis being made. We recommend you check with your insurance company and the detail of your policy prior to an appointment being booked. You will be liable for any shortfall. Please note that AXA PPP generally do not cover hair loss and will not recognise the need for longer appointments and unfortunately I will only see these patients on a self pay basis.

A late notice cancellation fee of £75 will be charged for any appointment cancelled within 2 working days of the appointment.

Repeat prescription fee £15 (collected from hospital) or £20 (mailed).

Highly competitive packages are available for self-pay patients at both the Nuffield Hospital and Montefiore Hospital. Package prices include the consultation fee, the procedure, hospital fees, and, in suspected skin cancer cases, the histology fees as well.

Insured Patients

Dr Farrant’s charges are in line with the published fee schedules for patients insured with BUPA, AXA PPP and Aviva.

The Western Provident Association (WPA) fee schedule is used for patients insured with other companies.

Regrettably, if your insurance policy does not fully reimburse the costs of the procedure, you will be liable for any shortfall.