Privacy Statement

The laws are changing over how your data is stored and used by organisations. Keeping up to date patient details and clinical records is an integral part of any medical practice. By booking an appointment with Dr Farrant, Sussex Skin Service Ltd, assumes implied consent for your details and clinical records to be stored for this sole purpose. Sussex Skin Services Ltd is an entirely paperless medical consultation company. All paper based correspondence and results are scanned and the originals are shredded. They are stored on the cloud based, password protected and secure dedicated servers hosted by DGL practice manager, part of the Clanwilliam group, and leading provider of electronic medical records. Clinical images may be recommended to monitor your condition and a separate software is used to allow comparisons over time. A separate consent will be asked for to store these images.

If you have medical insurance, your insurers may expect access to your clinic letters or records and this will be stipulated in your policy with them. We may need to communicate with other healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics as part of your ongoing care. All communications are either paper based or encrypted electronic communications. We do not share any personal details or records with any other third parties. We do not carry out profiling or data analysis and we do not use your details for marketing. You can read our full privacy policy here.Privacy policy Dr Farrant