What patients have to say about Dr Paul Farrant

“Dr Paul Farrant has been life impacting. Hair loss of any kind can be a confusing and terrifying time for anyone. Exasperated by endless products and services that promise the world, it can be hard to know what to do or where to turn. By offering calm, nurturing and most importantly medically trained guidance, Dr Farrant was able to quickly ascertain what could be causing the problem and thus lay out the most appropriate treatment plan. This proactive approach has been extremely effective for me resulting in improved both physical and mental health. Always on call to discuss the latest research and innovations, Dr Farrant is a true leader in his field. I can’t recommend him enough.”

“An exceptionally gifted consultant. Excellent in both the diagnostic aspect and the administration of the cure. All done with a charming bedside manner”.

“I had a small surgical intervention by Dr Farrant for a skin problem and I am very pleased with the result and the care I received.”

“Initially on the basis of a warm recommendation, I have consulted Dr Farrant over a period of two years or so. In circumstances involving a particularly grim diagnosis and also one far less serious, Dr Farrant has been consistently clear in his clinical explanations and treatment recommendations. His manner is direct but sensitive and, importantly, he inspires confidence.” “I had a skin check which was very thorough and not embarrassing. Dr Farrant was very nice.”

“Dr Farrant is a fantastic doctor who has taken time and patience to find out what is wrong and how best to treat me over the last few months. His perseverance and research (even on Christmas Eve) has been very much appreciated.”

“When I walked into Dr Farrant’s office in March I had three cysts on my right cheek. Having suffered with cystic acne since my early twenties, I was at the end of my tether. I had tried antibiotics, creams, and antibacterial washes prescribed by other dermatologists. He gave each cyst a shot of cortisone, which hurt, but was a good pain, as I knew it would make them recede. Sure enough, within a week all three had totally flattened, which was a great relief. The scars are inevitably there, but barely visible. In the same appointment, Dr Farrant suggested that given I had tried many other things without longterm success, that isotretinoin would be a good strategy going forward. I was reticent at first, given I had heard scare stories about side effects, but I agreed when he said we could start on a ‘baby dose’ and work our way up, while checking in regularly as to any changes in my mood, or my physicality. I started on 5mg, then went up very slowly over the course of two months. I am now on 40mg a day, in the third month. The results have been dramatic in just 2.5 months of treatment. I haven’t had any new blemishes or cysts since starting. Side effects have been minimal – very dry lips, helped notably by Carmex – and the results have been unbelievably worth it. If anything, my mood has improved under the treatment, given my cystic acne was causing me so much anxiety and embarrassment before. I would encourage anyone having problems to go and see Dr Farrant – and to consider isotretinoin. It remains to be seen if the results for me will be long-term for me, but for now, I’m overjoyed with them.”