So far, 2021 has been really busy in the private sector for dermatology. There is no doubt this is in part due to Covid, with difficulty for patients getting to see their own doctor and longer than normal waits in the NHS. Locally in the NHS, the average wait for a new appointment is over 4 months, with 7-8 months for more specialist clinics (eg Hair) and around 9 months for non-urgent head and neck skin cancer surgery, eg Basal Cell Carcinomas. Waits in the private sector, especially in Haywards Heath, have also increased.

To try and address this, I now have an additional twice monthly operating list on Friday afternoons/evenings at the Nuffield Haywards Heath. This has freed up some additional capacity on my Monday afternoons. We’ve been allowed to extend the evening to 6pm on Mondays and 7 pm on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, the hours are limited by staffing and there are no available rooms on other days. If you are needing a follow up, I would suggest allowing a few weeks to get an appropriate date and time. If it is urgent, please get in touch directly with my secretary;  We will do our best to prioritise you or offer you a late notice cancellation, should one be available.

Now that rates of vaccination are high, most of the appointments are for face to face. I still have some Monday evening virtual appointments but I am encouraging these for routine follow up patients, particularly those with monitoring visits for isotretinoin therapy for acne. These appointments are also useful for those just needing discussion of results after investigations (blood tests, scan, hair investigations etc).

We split the appointment booking with my secretary (01444 412273) booking all morning appointments and the Nuffield booking the Monday afternoon and the Montefiore booking the Wednesday afternoon and evening. You can also book online Booking online for the Montefiore will be available in the near future. Both private hospitals are responsible for booking the day surgery appointments. They will liaise directly with you and should you need to change an appointment, you will need to contact them directly.