Covid 19 has had a major impact on healthcare in the UK and it is likely to have a lasting effect for several months to come. All of the local private hospitals entered into contracts with the NHS to support the crisis. This effectively means that the NHS has controlled the private hospitals and even as lock down eases it remains difficult to see patients at either the Montefiore or the Nuffield hospitals. The exceptions are time critical health issues eg cancers. Whilst both hospitals are hoping to start seeing outpatients soon, it is likely that they will prioritise certain groups of patients and they are asking all doctors to try and continue to manage things virtually.

Virtual consultations remain an option, but I am pleased to announce that from 24th June I have secured temporary consulting rooms at 175 Preston Road, Brighton

and Ouse Valley GP practice Handcross, allowing me to see face to face patients. This will allow more accurate diagnosis of skin lesions and rashes and I will be able to carry out steroid injections for alopecia.

It is important that you only attend a face to face appointment if you feel well and have had no symptoms of possible coronavirus (temperature, shortness of breath, cough, loss of taste or smell). It is best practice to wear a mask when attending any healthcare facility. These can be cloth masks or surgical masks.

There is a separate waiting area at 175 Preston Road where patients can be adequately spaced. At Ouse Valley we are asking patients to wait in their cars until we call them  when we are ready for them to enter the building. Please make sure we have a correct contact number to phone you on. Please see the Covid 19 folder under resources for directions and clinic information.