As we reach the end of the year it is a good time to look back and reflect on a year like no other. It’s hard to believe that twelve months ago none of us had heard of Covid, Zoom, social distancing and lockdowns. NHS services have had to radically change and the private hospitals stopped us from seeing our patients almost overnight in April during the first lockdown.

Whilst the NHS days were busy and different and we were all trying to reconfigure services virtually, my time in private practice was understandably quiet and consultations moved onto video, often kneeling on the lounge floor, supervising children studying at home. It did give me a lot of time to think about the future and plan how to do things differently.

I’ve been looking at mole scanners and systems for examining hair for several years. It has always been hard to justify the cost but in June I decided to take the plunge. Moles can accurately be assessed and monitored over time, hair diameter and density can be calculated and tracked in response to treatment. I truly believe  that it offers my patients a quality of service not offered by other dermatologists or trichologists in the region.

I was also frustrated by my electronic record provider which hadn’t evolved much in the past 10 years so decide to migrate to a more modern service. This brings lots of new features such as online booking, sharing of records, ability to send pre and after care instructions and lots more.

To bring this all together I have relaunched my website with the online booking, enquiry page and a host of new patient resources covering new information leaflets, links to support sites and videos. I hope you find all these new changes helpful.